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Are you tired of the rat race?

Do you wish you could get away more often?

Is your life all work and no play?

Is your neighbourhood looking old and dilapidated, with no means of controlling the aesthetics?

Do you want the best for your family?


Aspen Nature Estate offers you...

  • Country style living only 8km from the CBD
  • Beauty and tranquillity in exquisite, natural surroundings
  • The 'best of both worlds' for you and your children
  • Relaxation in an anxiety free, secure environment

It is often said that home is where the heart is and this is particularly true to the residents of Aspen who have lost their hearts to the sheer splendour of the environment. Aspen Nature Estate is not just another housing project, it offers a way of life.

Imagine awakening every morning to the sweet sound of birdsong, breathing in the fresh country air and being enveloped with a sense of peace and security that nothing can spoil...

Be part of the select few who escape the imprisoned lifestyle of suburban living. Make your home among the natural wetlands, lakes and parklands of the estate, away from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Aspen is remote enough to give you that 'away from it all' feeling and yet still allows you to be within easy access of modern conveniences. Aspen residents commuting to the CDB daily will not be affected by the new toll roads being implemented.

When you buy your very own property in Aspen, you will be making an affordable investment which will change your life forever! If you require further information about Aspen Nature Estate and the ultimate in family living, contact us for a more informative and personal presentation.


Take a virtual tour through the estate, right here!