Aspen Nature Estate | About the Estate
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About the Estate


“…enjoy the spectacular surroundings and tranquil atmosphere of Aspen Nature Estate…”

“The function of the Homeowners Association  is not about managing the estate, implementing rules, issuing fines or settling disputes. It is about building, managing and maintaining a sustainable, happy, safe and secure community of people, our members, our clients. It is called Community Management and is about forging the High Road for our residential community by creating a harmonious, valuable, compliant and vibrant place to live, work and play.”



Who wouldn’t enjoy the spectacular surroundings and tranquil atmosphere of Aspen Nature Estate? South Africans are blessed with good weather and a beautiful country. More than ever, people are taking a hold on life with both hands and beginning to live it to the full. They realise that with careful planning and determination, every dream is possible!


Imagine being able to lie back and relax, knowing that your children are safe and playing happily in an environment geared for their pleasure. The security at Aspen Nature Estate is of the highest calibre. No more keeping your kids indoors in fear. Bicycle trails, lush lawns and healthy outdoor living will entice them away from the TV to enjoy more wholesome exercises in the open air. It is truly a children’s paradise. However, Aspen offers something for everyone, from the very young to the most mature.


Aspen Nature Estate is developing into a fast-growing, friendly community. Residents are invited to share in monthly social events and get involved in neighbourly interaction. We strive to build good relationships between ourselves and our residents, to this end we also publish a monthly electronic newsletter which not only keeps people in touch with local events but also serves as a communication vehicle. The newsletter covers a widespread range of subjects and reader’s contributions are always welcome.


A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul
~Francis Bacon


As the estate adjoins the greater Klipriversberg Nature Reserve, walking trails are available for enthusiastic hikers who able to enjoy the sight of herds of game on our doorstep. Mountain biking in the area is also a favourite activity for many of our residents and we have a direct access gate for ease of access.


Sporting facilities in the estate itself encompass walking trails, cricket nets, football fields, football team, football coaching, fitness classes, boxing classes, dancing classes and indoor soccer league. We also offer art classes and a holiday club for children.


Bird watching from one of our three bird hides and photography are firm favourites among many of our residents. Many have taken some awesome shots of birds, which we have been published in our periodical magazine. In addition we have a monthly photo competition where winning shots are shared in our newsletter.


Tree-spotting. Yes, seriously, tree spotting starts out for most people as a hobby and sometimes becomes almost a fetish as people discover rare species and rush to consult their reference books. Here at Aspen we are surrounded by a huge variety of interesting trees. We have over 2000 different indigenous trees that we have planted and this is supplemented by an indigenous botanical garden and indigenous landscaping throughout the estate.


The potential to create many new and exciting recreational facilities is limitless. Projects are constantly under way to improve and enhance the lifestyle here. We are fast becoming one of the most popular and prestigious Nature Estates in South Africa.


there is no greater wealth in this world, than peace of mind
~Francis Bacon

We all know about stress! Crime and ineffective security measures challenge your family’s safety and cause added pressure. Relax, we have good news! Your protection is our number one priority.

Aspen Nature Estate is protected by class leading security measures. We have installed advanced access security and perimeter protection. This enables our residents to enter and leave their homes without fear of intruders, and children are able ride their bicycles and play with their friends in danger-free, congenial surroundings.

High technology systems monitor all access to entrance ways and boundaries 24 hours a day. There is also a 24 hour armed response vehicle patrolling the Estate.

A Security Committee has also been formed whereby voluntary residents play active role in upholding the high levels of security and awareness.